How to spell ‘futures’ – in 5 words or less

A word is a series of letters and numbers.

For example, a word ‘future’ is a number.

A word with a long name is a word which is in use at the moment.

The meaning of a word varies from one person to another.

The word ‘fetus’ is often used as a euphemism for a person born before or during the year 2000.

But the word ‘pregnancy’ has become a term of abuse in the last few years.

The word ‘child’ is used in many contexts to mean an unborn baby, although the Oxford English Dictionary defines it as referring to an unborn child in an earlier stage of development, before the brain has developed into a full-grown adult.

But the word “fetus” is not usually used to refer to a baby, it’s used to describe a baby who has already died.

The term ‘pregnant’ has come into use in recent years.

It is used to denote a person who is pregnant with or planning to become pregnant.

So, how do you spell ‘pregnancies’?

The Oxford English dictionary defines the word as: a person of reproductive age or of some age at which a fetus is likely to become a person.

In English, ‘parenthood’ means that someone is taking care of or caring for a fetus in a special way.

The definition also mentions the possibility that a person is pregnant, so is not intending to give birth.

For example, ‘Pregnancies’ can be used in the context of a pregnancy, when the woman wants to give the baby up for adoption.

Some people prefer not to use the word.

If you want to use it, try ‘fecundity’, ‘prenatal’, ‘born before or after’.

If the woman doesn’t want to give her child up, she can say ‘paternity’.

There is also the ‘fertilization’ term which refers to the process of fertilisation.

For the term ‘birth’, the Oxford dictionary says it is usually used in a medical context.

Pregnancy is not a permanent condition and it can be reversed, so the word can be shortened.

You can find more about pregnancy and fertility in the Dictionary of the English Language.

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