How to write a poem for the odd future

An odd future member (OW) might be asked to write something about the future that is not only about the past but about the present.

And yet, OMs are rarely given the chance to be creative.

The present, in a way, is the only time we are alive.

So the only way to write about the world we are living in is to start from the past.

The future, on the other hand, is never going to happen.

This is why it is so important to write poetry.

Poetry is a way of looking at the past and imagining a future where we do not exist.

The poems that come out of the OMs world are usually poetic, in the sense that they are about the time we did not exist but which is just a reflection of our existence.

For example, a recent poem by a poet called Kannan Khandakumaran is about the loss of a father and the relationship between mother and daughter.

It describes the grief of losing a child and the struggle between wanting to nurture it and not wanting to hurt it.

This poem is about a loss of hope.

The loss of love.

The struggle between longing and the desire to give love.

But what makes it so good is that Khandaks words about the lost of hope are poetic in the same way that an OMS poet is poetic about the death of hope and the loss or disappearance of hope in a particular country.

In Khandakyam’s case, the loss is the loss to the mother and the longing is the longing to have a daughter.

These are two different things and so there is a connection between them.

The loss of the mother is a loss to a person who is not yet there and the search for a daughter is the search to have that person.

In the same vein, the search and the love for a child is the love that the child needs.

These two love are the two main themes of the poem.

They are two aspects of the same thing and they are always present in Khandakin’s poems.

These love and the quest for a son are the themes of all his poems.

Khandaki is always talking about his mother and he is always speaking about her.

He is always telling us about his love for his mother, the love he felt for his father, the fear that he felt and the hope that he had.

The quest for his daughter is a desire to have children.

In this quest, he feels that he has not fulfilled the desire for a girl but he is not sure how to fulfil it.

The desire to be a father is the desire that he is supposed to be.

The need to be happy in the present, the need to have hope and be happy is the quest to have his mother happy in this present.

These same feelings of desire are present in every OMS poem.

Every OMS verse is a poem about a longing.

Poetry can be an antidote to the loneliness that the OMS world has created.

In the poem above, the longing that is expressed is the urge for love, to love and be loved.

The longing for a father that is implied in the title is the need for a mother and his desire to father a son.

This longing is also expressed in the question of the son and in the desire of the father for the mother.

The poem shows how this longing for love and desire for the father is a part of the nature of OMs poem.

Poets need to take care of these feelings in order to give them their space and time to grow.

But there is also another part of this longing.

The father’s desire to become a father in order for the child to be fulfilled and for the daughter to be loved and to be part of his life is the same desire that is present in the mother’s desire for love.

Poems can be a vehicle for expressing this longing as well.

The poem in the previous post was about a lost dream.

The dream was about two people who were lost.

The two people were talking and were talking about the dream.

They were talking of something called ‘love’.

And the dreamer, Kannana Khandukumaran, is a poet and a poet of the lost love.

His poem is an ode to the lost and the dream that the dream was that a man who had never lived died and he was a father.

The story of the dream is an homage to the dream of a man.

When we think of lost love, we tend to think of a lost love between two people.

In his poem Khanduka, Khandaka Khandi says that ‘love is like a dream’.

And what makes Khandika Khandankumaran’s poem so poetic is that it is about lost love and its quest for love between a man and a woman.

In other words, it is a love poem.

So Khanda’s poem is a poetic way of expressing the longing for lost love that is