How to win dow mini: Dow mini futures – a guide

Dow mini: futures for DOW, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, are down more than 40% since the start of the year.

But that is mostly because of a series of moves that investors have taken.

For example, a surge in the value of oil prices has caused investors to buy more oil than they normally would.

That has led to a big jump in the price of the oil and a drop in the Dow’s value.

And then there is the possibility of the US Federal Reserve raising interest rates. 

For the Dow, this could be bad news for investors.

But for the rest of the market, this is a good news story.

For a few weeks now, the price index has been steadily rising.

On Tuesday, the S&P 500 index rose 2.2%, its best gain since March.

The Dow has gained just 2.4% in that time.

But the Dow is now at a record high of 22,895.8. 

The index has risen by nearly 4% since last week.

The most recent gain is about 2.5% higher.

But there is still plenty of room for improvement.

The index has gained about 3% so far this year.

The Dow is currently up over 50% since September and has climbed more than 10% in the past six weeks.

And it is currently near a record level.

For a long time, the index has held at a low level and has been on a steady decline.

But now the Dow has risen so high that investors are willing to pay more for it.

The average price of a Dow futures contract has gone up by more than $10,000 since October 20.

The index is expected to finish the year higher than its record high and will close the year at about 20,700.

That is higher than the 19,000 mark that it reached in October and September.

The next big move will be on January 15, when the Dow will finish its rally.