When is the first electric car coming to the UK?

10.11.17: We have the first images of the new Tesla Model S sedan, which will arrive in the UK in 2018.

It’s a bit like the Tesla Model X, only smaller, lighter and faster.

It has an all-electric powertrain and it will be the first car to use all-wheel drive.

10.10.17 : Tesla has launched its first electric SUV, the Tesla Roadster, which has been in development since 2012.

It will be available to customers starting from the end of 2019.

09.10: The latest version of the BMW i3, which is expected to go on sale in 2020, has been unveiled.

It features a six-speed dual clutch transmission and comes with a 0-60 time of 4.9 seconds.

08.10 : The next-generation BMW i8 has been launched, and it features a new all-new engine.

It is expected that it will go on public sale in 2021.

07.10.: A new Tesla electric SUV is being developed, and the company says it will debut in 2021, with an all electric powertrain.

06.10, 6.10 and 2.10pm: Elon Musk says he expects a new electric car to go into production in 2021 and says he will sell it to the public.

05.10am: The new Porsche Cayenne SUV has been confirmed, but there is still no information about its price. 04.10