Which contract has been the most likely to get a deal done in the coming days?

ESPN Crikey has compiled the most recent futures contract news and offers to the market for the weekend.

As expected, the futures contracts of Andrew McAdoo, Josh Donaldson, Joe Maddon and Chris Archer have all been on the table, and the only remaining option is a one-year contract for Archer.

But there are other offers out there.

Dillon Gee, a fellow former Blue Jays outfielder, has offered a one year deal for Archer, and he could also be interested in a one season deal for Donaldson.

The Blue Jays have made no official offer, but they could have been interested in signing Donaldson as well.

This would mean a return to the Blue Jays farm system, but it’s not clear if he’ll be able to continue his development in the majors.

If the Blue Jay’s were to get Archer to take the deal, it would be a two-year deal worth around $13 million per year, and it would include a $1.75 million buyout for 2017.

A one-season deal for the Archer would cost around $8.5 million per season, but he’s likely to command much more than that if he hits his ceiling.

There’s been a lot of speculation in the market regarding Donaldson’s future, but we haven’t heard anything definitive from him or his agent.

Should Archer hit the open market this summer, he’ll become a free agent.

If the Blue Sox were to sign him, he would have to pay a hefty price to stay, and that could cause a bidding war with other teams.